2018 Zero Robotics Space Camp

We are looking for 6th-8th grade students to join our team!

ZR-WISE [Zero Robotics – Wakanda International Space Explorers]

The Zero Robotics (ZR) Middle School Summer Program is a fun summer STEM program for middle school students. During the 5-week program, participants will work in teams to learn about computer programming, robotics, and space engineering while gaining hands-on experience working with and coding SPHERES
(Synchronized Position, Hold, Engage, Reorient Experimental Satellites).

The program culminates with a tournament where each team will compete for a spot to operate and race a SPHERE satellite against other teams on the International Space Station. At the end of the summer program, participants will get to see SPHERES operate in space via a live feed and have a conversation with Space Station astronauts who “referee” the race.

Two Locations:
North ATL – Partnership with DHS – Discovery High School
South ATL – Partnership with SFAYC – South Fulton Arrow Youth Council

Participants will be registered as members of 2018-19 JJSJF/NSBE Jr. Club. Corporate Sponsors are welcome!