We have so many exciting youth empowerment programs to choose from, and a growing list of students whose achievements are noteworthy. To celebrate the success of our inspired youth, we will be sharing some of their accomplishments. One student is 13-year-old Jaleah Colbert, who is a member of the EAGLE 7 TED-Ed Club. Her passion for filmmaking prompted TED to take notice, which is why she was invited to present at TED-Ed Weekend 2016.

She’s Already Directing Her Own Films!

Jaleah has accomplished quite a bit in her 13 years. From the young age of 5-years-old, she knew she loved the world of film, but after a few acting auditions, she quickly learned she wanted to pursue a career behind the scenes. Thankfully, we are in a day and age where modern technology and electronics can help her to achieve her goal.


Jaleah And TED-Ed Club

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with TED-Ed Clubs, they are a place where students can explore their interests and passions—in a self-driven curriculum. The curriculum is flexible, and students are challenged not only to learn, but to create, lead, and present their inspired ideas. Ideas that lead to young Jaleah’s invitation to speak at TED-Ed Weekend 2016.

How Jaleah Inspires

As a young film director and movie maker, Jaleah encourages students of all ages to be creative and independent—and to pursue their dreams. One thing that always makes Jaleah laugh? Unplanned funny incidents. She has seen the statistics and has no intention of letting them slow her down. While only 19% of executive producers, writers, and directors are women—she models her career goals after the likes of Ava DuVernay, Kathryn Ann Bigelow, and Catherine Hardwick. She poses the question “Why don’t the filmmakers reflect the people who are watching?” and approaches the industry unbalance with the limitless mindset of “If they can, what is stopping me?” and “One day, I will add to the 19% of female film directors.”

We applaud Jaleah for pursuing her passion, and look forward to seeing what she achieves next!