What is your summer strategy? Why do you need one?

Preparing our students for success requires strategic planning for engaged parents. Summer is a great time for middle and high school students to get ahead of the college or career learning curve. Parents are welcome to bring your student to this engaging and informative session. Students will leave with information to empower them to use this summer break to their advantage. Getting ahead of the curve for securing scholarships or community service hours.

It means summer is not a time off but a time on. It requires actively pursuing opportunities that will challenge, interest, and expose our students to think critically and compassionately.

You are invited to join us this Wednesday at Five Forks Trickum

Library@ 7PM to learn more.

We provide unique exposure to careers, college access and culture in the areas of STEAMM (Science.Technology.Engineering.Arts.Medicine&Math). We believe it is one thing to read about it and another to experience it. Exposure is one of the missing ingredients to youth success! We provide quality experiences for students and parents. Corporate sponsorship is welcome.

Resource Article

Don’t just take our word for it. Read the article – New Survey Suggest the impact of Community Service Hours can make your application standout,