JJSJF takes an innovative approach to empowering our future generations. We utilize a powerful service strategy, designed to build invaluable life skills, such as leadership, compassion, and a sense of community.

We offer many youth programs dedicated to some of Gwinnett County’s most underrepresented populations. We empower youth and their families to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood, by teaching them how to effectively engage with social issues by way of first-hand service leaderships.

Personalized Programs And Youth Leadership Curriculums

We provide support to organizations and professionals who desire personalized programs and youth leadership curriculums. We increase access to resources, equal education, and secondary education. We instill confidence that just one person can have an impact and change the world!


Youth Programs: Our youth programs empower youth by expanding their vision & ownership of their future through Servant-Leadership. We offer endless opportunities for youth engagement through collaboration, training, exposure, business modeling, entrepreneurship, servant-leadership development, enhancing their mindset of leadership & encouraging better relationships with parents, serve as a resource for youth achieving knowledge & access to resources for higher education, and more!

Parenting Resources: We equip and support parents with information, resources, and by building a network to engage and share information with the local community. We train parents how to advocate on behalf of their children effectively, and inspire them to thrive.

Youth Engagement * Giving Back * Stewardship * Leadership Development * Parental Support * Belief * Humility * Vision * Potential * Mentoring * Equipping * Exposure * Discipline * Servant Leadership


The options are endless! A few of our areas of focus include:

  • Poverty / Hunger in America – Georgia – Gwinnett
  • Education / Drop Out Rate In – America – Georgia – Gwinnett (Reading Scores – School to Prison Pipeline, Athletics,
  • Academics, Community Service)
  • History / Story Corps University – Appreciating our Heritage, Verbal history, Story Telling (Embracing the Past, Present, and Future, Establishing a Culture of Understanding)
  • Arts & STEM – STEAM – Embracing creativity in its varied forms (STEAM – Science, technology, engineering, arts mathematics)
  • Youth & Health- Childhood Obesity, Exercise vs. Play, Culinary – Healthy Snacking, (Walking Routines/Groups – Neighborhoods, Parks)
  • I’m not Invisible Campaign / Embracing Special Needs
  • TED Ed Club – Presentation skills, Research, Global Impact

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