There are many reasons being active in your church fellowship is beneficial for our youth. While spiritual connection is likely the primary motivation, all churches have community outreach programs, maybe even global outreach programs. Volunteering and outreach is an excellent way to empower students to be the change they wish to see in the world, and develop humility and humanity. However, it is also the perfect way to strengthen their personal brand. Personal branding helps attract the attention of university admissions officers, and for securing scholarships and grants.

How Can Students Create An Attractive Personal Brand?

In the 30-minute podcast below, award-winning communications, marketing, PR professional, and journalist Pam Perry imparts valuable information regarding how students can create a personal brand that will attract the attention of the colleges they apply to. Pam has been featured on over 100 radio and TV programs and manages the public branding of many household names. The podcast is presented by our partners at

The podcast highlights how church volunteer work can be leveraged for personal branding. She also encourages students to develop copywriting skills and maybe even create and market their own eBook or online course!