When a child finds something that sparks their interest it can have a life-changing positive impact. Whether a spark will be a short-term or lifelong interest is impossible to tell at its onset, but every natural inclination is a child recognizing their passion. Parents and educators must help fan the flame of what sparks our kids, the benefits of which will be far-reaching.

Sparks Can Happen in Many Areas of Interest

Music, art, sports, academic studies, hobbies, and interests of every kind can spark a child. As adults, we must remember that there is no right or wrong to what sparks a child, because it’s about them—not us. Our role is to support their natural interest by encouraging their sparks. This may require us to learn a bit more about their spark in order to best support their development.

Passion and Purpose

A spark occurs when a child is more than just good at something, but when they feel naturally drawn to something. In fact, just like adults, a child could excel in something that they don’t really spark with. A true spark is an activity that motivates, inspires, and provides your child with a sense of purpose beyond school and chores. Their passion-filled spark may not even be something they know much about yet, or are good at—but we must not ignore or discount the sparks that excite them.

Supporting Your Child’s Sparks

Sparks keep kids engaged in healthy activities, and lessen the likelihood of them engaging in destructive activities. Kids may go through many sparks before they graduate from high school, or find one or two that stick. Adults must keep their eye out for what sparks their kid’s interest, and make sure not to unintentionally discourage their passion. Even if you don’t understand a spark, you must recognize its value. ParentFurther highlights how identifying and participating in something a child feels good about is proven to reach beyond the activity and improve:

  • Grades
  • Self-esteem
  • Communication skills
  • Initiative
  • Creativity
  • Problem solving skills
  • Depending on the spark—physical fitness and health
  • And more!

If that is not enough, sparks are often what motivate students to pursue secondary education. Fostering sparks is one of the many benefits of our EAGLE 7 programs. Reach out today to learn more!